9 ways to get rid of your back ache

1. Reduce weight
• Cut off that fat.
• Less weight on your spine means less pain

2. Get out of that chair
• Change the way you work: not your job
• Get up every 20 minutes. Either just stand up or take a few steps

3. Exercise
• Regular exercise tones up your back muscles.
• Healthy muscles take the stress and strain and protect your spine

4. Quit smoking
• Stop smoking. It damages your spine.
• Avoid all tobacco products

5. Consult a Physio
• Core strengthening exercise programmes are very helpful
• Get advice on how to sit/lift weights/posture etc
• Learn stretches

6. Use desktop
• Use large desk top monitors : they should be at eye level
• Do not use laptops and tablets at work places. Restrict their use

7. Have a healthy body & mind
• Keep Diabetes, cholesterol(lipid profile )BP, Thyroid and other medical conditions in good control
• Avoid excessive worry about back pain

8. Physical activity
• Brisk walking/ swimming / yoga /sports are essential for a healthy back
• Indulge in physical activity that you like and enjoy

9. If nothing works
• See a spine surgeon